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Recently Added Scholarships
  • Sir Edward Beatty Memorial Scholarships

    | $12,000
    Established in 1927 by the late Sir Edward Beatty, former Chancellor of the University, for students following programs in Arts or Science.
  • Sheila Baillie Scholarships in Architecture

    | $20,000
    Established by Gerald Hatch and Sheila Baillie Hatch; awarded only to students in the undergraduate Architecture program.
  • Alma Mater Scholarships

    | $12,000
    Funded by generous annual contributions to the Alma Mater Fund from many graduates who designate their gifts to the area of scholarships...

Articles and Resources Recently Added
  • Study Tips
    Everyone has different strategies and tips that help them study and complete assignments. Whether you thrive on pressure or carefully ... More >
  • National Educational Association of Disabled Students
    The National Educational Association of Disabled Students is a consumer organization, with a mandate to encourage the self-empowerment ... More >
  • Cabinetmaker
    Cabinetmakers build, repair, finish and install residential and commercial cabinets (including hardware), wooden furniture and ... More >
  • Canadian Dental Association Student Affairs
    The Canadian Dental Association's (CDA) Committee on Student Affairs (CSA) is composed of two representatives from each of Canada‚??s 10 ... More >
  • Landscape Horticulturist
    Landscape horticulturists survey and assess landscape, draw sketches and interpret plans. They construct and maintain gardens, parks, ... More >
  • Sheet Metal Worker
    Sheet metal workers design, fabricate, assemble, install and repair sheet metal products. In fabrication work, sheet metal workers lay ... More >